Yellow Antenna Rabbit snail


Devil snail, Yellow Sensor snail, Unicorn snail

Scientific name:

Tylomelania gemmifera



50 mm (in my experience, though up to 100 mm reported)

My water parameters:

pH 7,5
KH 3
dGH 7
TDS 262 ppm
EC 570 μS
29 ºC


Tylomelania gemmifera has a beautiful spiralling black shell with regular ridges along the length of each helix. The shell usually has large amounts of erosion giving grey colouration lower down the shell, although this can sometimes extend up the full length of the shell. Its body is always black, often with gold spots and the distinctive yellow antennae, though not always.


This species is very inactive and will ignore all food added to the aquarium. Tylomelania gemmifera tend to spend a lot of their time hidden within their shell. I have no experience with tank-bred specimens.


Tylomelania gemmifera is moderately hardy once acclimatised successfully.


Tylomelania gemmifera is a lacustrine species endemic to Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is found exclusively in Lake Matano.


Visual differences are not apparent.


I have not successfully bred this species. I suspect it is as with other Tylomelania species, which can be read in profiles of species I have bred.


It is possible that this species may also be riverine, being found in surrounding river systems.


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