Lake Towuti

Under construction.

Water parameters

temperature 29.2 PH 8.4 GH 6 KH 4 conductance 146 micro Siemens oxygen 7.15 mg / l

Temperature 29.2°C
pH 8.4
General hardness
Carbonate hardness
Conductivity 146 µS
Oxygen 7.15 mg/l

Thanks to Frank Logemann and Carsten Logemann for this information.

Shrimp species:

  • Caridina glaubrechti
  • Caridina holthuisi
  • Caridina lanceolata
  • Caridina lingkonae
  • Caridina loehae
  • Caridina mahalona
  • Caridina masapi
  • Caridina parvula
  • Caridina profundicola
  • Caridina spinata
  • Caridina spongicola
  • Caridina striata
  • Caridina tenuirostris
  • Caridina woltereckae

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