Lake Poso


Lake Poso is situated at the ‘centre’ of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Water parameters:

Temperature 27.7°C
pH 8.1
General hardness
Carbonate hardness
Conductivity 107 µS
Oxygen 7.05 mg/l 

Shrimp species:

  • Caridina acutirostris
  • Caridina caerulea – Blue Morphe shrimp
  • Caridina ensifera – Red Morphe shrimp
  • Caridina longidigita – Blue Poso shrimp
  • Caridina sarasinorum

  • Caridina cf. schenkeli

  • Caridina sp. – White Orchid shrimp

  • Caridina sp. A

  • Caridina sp. B

Photograph of Lake Poso.
Water parameters of Lake Poso.
Photograph of Caridina ensifera.
  • gdigger (ShrimpNow):
Photograph of Caridina longidigita.

  • Chris Lukhaup and Dennerle:
Photograph of Caridina sarasinorum.
Photograph of Caridina cf. schenkeli.
Photograph of Caridina sp. ‘White Orchid’.
Photograph of Caridina sp. A.
Photograph of Caridina sp. B.

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