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Matano Blue Dot shrimp

Scientific name:

Caridina dennerli


The species name dennerli is a dedication to the German company Dennerle, which funded research into the species of the ancient lakes of Sulawesi.


C. dennerli is a lacustrine species endemic to Lake Matano, Sulawesi, Indonesia. The image below show the distribution of the species within the Malili lake system.


C. dennerli is found on hard substrate, specifically on, under or between rocks. It can be found in shallow water to a depth of about 10 metres.


20 – 25 mm

My water parameters:

Temperature 29°C
pH 7,5
General hardness
Carbonate hardness
Total dissolved solids 262 ppm
Electrical conductivity 570 µS


C. dennerli is a very striking shrimp, and could easily be mistaken to be a marine species. It appearance is primarily red, ranging from a deep black-red to bright red, with a covering of blue-white spots. The antennae and antennules are white, as well as the conspicious chelipeds (front legs used for feeding). 


C. dennerli is a moderately timid species. It will often be out in full-view in the aquarium, foraging for food, but will often retreat at any sign of movement from outside of the aquarium. In my experience wild-caught specimens are more prone to this than tank-bred specimens.


C. dennerli species is extremely delicate and sensitive. I recommend only experts in shrimp keeping try this species. It is my opinion that wild-caught specimens should be avoided completely due to their fragility and the environmental impacts.


Whilst, wild-caught C. dennerli rarely accept food other than algae and biofilm present in an established aquarium, tank-bred specimens will usually accept a range if allowed to become used to it.





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Image of C. dennerli distribution.

Information on habitat of C. dennerli.

Assistance in appearance description.

  • “equator.web.fc2.com”:

Image of C. dennerli in natural habitat.


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