New page added – Golden Rabbit Snail!


Dwarf (Neon) Yellow Rabbit snail

Scientific name:

Tylomelania sp. ‘Golden Rabbit’



15 – 25 mm

My water parameters:

pH 7,5
KH 3
dGH 7
TDS 262 ppm
EC 570 μS
29 ºC


Tylomelania sp. ‘Golden Rabbit’ is very small for the genus Tylomelania, and is very striking. The shell is always black, usually with white or grey nearer the tip where corrosion has worn down the shell. The body ranges from white to luminous yellow.


Unlike the other Lake Poso species I keep, Tylomelania sp. ‘Golden Rabbit’ moves very slowly and eats very little. As a rule, food added to the aquarium is ignored, with the snails preferring to eat naturally growing algae and biofilm.


These snails are resilient once acclimatised to the aquarium, however they tend to suffer when being transported and are very sensitive to low temperatures.


Tylomelania sp. ‘Golden Rabbit’ is a lacustrine species endemic to Sulawesi, Indonesia. I believe it is found exclusively in Lake Poso.


Visual differences are not apparent.


Tylomelania sp. ‘Golden Rabbit’ is viviparous (live-bearing). Every month or two, a female adult gives birth to a single snail encased in a milky-white cyst. This cyst is eaten by the mother snail and the baby snail within it, as well as other snails that come across it; releasing the newborn snail.


In my aquarium there are differences between the shape of the shell and body, and those of one shape are usually less brightly coloured. This leads me to believe these may be two similar species.


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