Sulawesi parameter update

Very minor update for now… I have decided that I will raise the TDS of my Sulawesi aquaria to at least 350 ppm, and I will aim to buy an Electrical Conductivity meter. This is in light of the Sulawesi lake parameters recorded by the Logemann brothers, which show the TDS to be well over 700ppm!

Hopefully next week I will have some replacement Cardinal shrimp and perhaps some White Orchids and Red Orchids too…

Images from, credit to Francis247.


5 Responses to Sulawesi parameter update

  1. Van Steenbrugge Dirk says:

    Jared, were did you get these parameters from the LB?

  2. countcoco says:

    My cardinals have bred in water with a TDS over 600! I don’t think I’ve gotten a reading under 400 in that tank.

    • Jared says:

      This is the strange thing. It turns out that these TDS readings are wrong and should be, in fact, even lower! I first bred cardinals in a TDS of over 500ppm too… Either the microsiemens and ppm are not proportional or cardinals don’t mind TDS values being different.

  3. imke says:

    Hi Jared,

    H.G. Evers measured in Lake Poso (03-2008) ph 7.5, 112 ms electric conductivity and (09-2010) pH 8,3 and 136 ms. For Matano, the values mentioned in the AMAZONAS issue you have are pH 7.8-8.5 and 150ms.

    So in sum, it is true that c.d. can breed in harder water, thus the lakes have very low TDS water with higher pH.

    The Sera Mineral Salt which is used for most Sulawesi tanks in Germany, has: Calcium: 16%, Magnesium 1,6%, Kalium: 2,0%, Chlorid: 26,3%

    – so perhaps the low Magnesium concentration is the key to success.


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