C. longidigita

It appears that the new ‘Blue Poso’ shrimp is indeed Caridina longidigita. To avoid any further confusion, I will be changing all references to C. caerulea to ‘Blue Morphe’ shrimp within my blog articles and further posts.

Due to the lack of images on the internet, it is impossible for me to determine the normal colouration of C. longidigita, but it has been reported that very few show this blue colouration. (Perhaps it is due to stress afterall?). Below is an image of this species.

One of the few available images online of C. longidigita.

“Longidigita” literally means “long fingers”. This is a reference to this species unusually long front pereiopods, with which it makes unique wide sweeping movements when foraging.

Yet another interesting Sulawesi species!


4 Responses to C. longidigita

  1. Chris Jensen says:

    hello, i have recently acquired 6 of these shrimp, i have them in with my blue morphes. they seem to be doing well, a few look like the picture, not much color and a few look quite blue. I’ve only had them for a few days so i can’t say what will happen with their colours as they grow, but i’m happy to see people posting about them 🙂

    • Jared says:

      Hello! You wouldn’t happen to be ‘bonesy’ from ShrimpNow, would you? I am ‘Scorpio’ on there 🙂

      Great, thanks for the information. You have a very uncommon species there! Would it be possible for you to keep me updated on your progress with them and try to get some photographs? Information for this species is scarce.


      • Chris Jensen says:

        I am indeed bonesy! I’m working on the photo’s i have a few friends who are camera buffs, so hopefully in the next few weeks I can get some pictures.

  2. gdigger says:

    I have posted a some new photos of c. longidigita at shrimpnow and my gallery — http://mir.icsmir.ru/~gdigger/blog/?page_id=375 😉

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