Sulawesi Aquarium #1

Sulawesi Aquarium 1


40 cm long
40 cm wide
40 cm tall
64 litres.


  • Heater
  • Air pump
  • Air-driven double sponge filter


  • Dorset pea shingle
  • River sand
  • Bogwood
  • Stones and pebbles

Water parameters:

pH 7,5
KH 3°
GH 7°
TDS 250ppm


  • Caridina caerulea – Blue Morphe shrimp

High numbers, breeding well.

  • Caridina dennerli – Cardinal shrimp

Low numbers, no breeding yet.

  • Caridina cf. spinata – Malili Fire shrimp

Single piece left, no breeding.

  • Tylomelania gemmifera – Yellow Antennae snail

Low numbers, no breeding yet.

  • Tylomelania sp. – Yellow Elephant snail

Good numbers, no breeding yet.

  • Tylomelania sp. – Dwarf Neon Yellow snail

Good numbers, breeding well.


This is my first Sulawesi aquarium using my new water preparation technique. I will introduce new species to this tank and move them to new aquaria once they are breeding well. I intend to move the C. caerulea to their own tank soon.


9 Responses to Sulawesi Aquarium #1

  1. Donny says:

    Hi Jared,

    Just curious, what do you feed your Sulawesi shrimp? My Cardinals are just so shy, even after putting pellet food in, it sits there for hours untouched. I do see them constantly grazing, however I fear it may not be enough food.


    • Jared says:

      Out of all the Sulawesi shrimp I have kept, Cardinal shrimp are the fussiest; they simply do not respond to the addition of food. I find that you can get around this problem by sprinkling powdered spirulina on the surface of the water. The filter in the tank should distribute it around the aquarium and therefore suits their feeding habits.

      Spirulina is packed with nutrients, so it is a good diet on its own.

      Hope this helps! I used to worry my Cardinals weren’t eating enough last time I kept them. You can really see a difference in health using this technique.

      • countcoco says:

        Great tank Jared. In terms of feeding cardinals, I’ve noticed that if I grind up some Mosura Excel shrimp food into a tiny pelleted form then the cardinals will eagerly eat it. I’ve tried several other foods, but this seems to be their favorite. Also, contrary to popular belief, I have had much more success feeding them with foods containing a higher percentage of animal proteins rather than plant matter.

      • Jared says:

        Thanks, Count!

        I will have to try this method when I build my Cardinal numbers up. Likewise, I have seen this species show a definite preference for food with high protein. For example, (whole) Mosura pellets are ignored completely, whereas bloodworm will be nibbled on.

        I remember seeing you around on ShrimpNow a lot a while ago, Count. Still going strong with the hobby? 🙂

      • countcoco says:

        yep, I’m an addict, although not as bad as a lot of people on shrimpnow.

        What name do you post under on that forum

      • Jared says:

        Good good, being an addict is positive 😉

        I am ‘Scorpio’ on there.

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  3. Donny says:

    Thank you, both, for the tips. I have been sprinkling Shirakura Ebi Dama every few days; I thought about Spirulina powder, but haven’t gotten around to getting some yet. I also plan to order some Mosura products and will definitely get some Excel.

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