A new Blue Poso shrimp?

Apologies for the lack of updates, I am currently very busy!

Some interesting news. When examining an exporter list recently I came across ‘Blue Poso shrimp, Caridina longidigita’.  This was later followed up by posts on a well-known shrimp forum asking for more information. It seems another species has crept up under the name ‘Blue Poso shrimp’ (in addition to C. caerulea):

Their common name suggests they too come from Lake Poso. However, this is not necessarily true, and neither is their colour. Many shrimp from Sulawesi exhibit blue colouration when stressed. This is why you see people boasting about their ‘Blue Cardinal shrimp’ every so often. Is the blue of this new ‘Blue Poso’ a natural blue colouration, or a sign of stress?

Caridina loehae showing signs of stress. Note the blue colouration!

I will update with news on this shrimp when I find more information. Perhaps I should import some myself and see!


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