Misfortune and Fortune

Sadly, most of my Cardinal shrimp have died; just 4 or so remain. When they arrived they suffered from broken cuticles, which appear to have resulted in unsuccessful ecdysis. I still have my fingers crossed for the survivors, and I am considering trying again later this month with the same species. This species not only requires skill, but they also require a lot of luck, and responsibility of the side of the salesperson.

On a brighter note, I had a surprise today! My local aquatics store had a very rare species in stock, the Malili Fire shrimp [Caridina cf. spinata]. There were only 2 left, which I bought with excitement. Let’s hope they survive and are a male and a female!


2 Responses to Misfortune and Fortune

  1. imke says:

    The Fire Red new one looks sooo beautiful! Hopefully, you have more lick with them…

    • Jared says:

      Yes, I agree. Their antennae and antennules are particularly beautiful. I have now had all 3 C. cf. spinata forms, haha!

      I refuse to give up on Sulawesi shrimp; I know I can keep them, it’s simply a matter of acquiring healthy animals. So delicate, it’s untrue!

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