Blue Poso update

A positive update. I now have many many baby Blue Poso shrimp, and my first batch of offspring are reaching maturity. This may be my favourite Sulawesi species of all!

I have updated the profile page for the Blue Poso shrimp with some interesting nomenclature trivia:


The species name caerulea (“blue”) is derived from Latin caeruleus, which means ‘blue’. This refers to its colouration.

The former species name ensifera (“sword-wielder”) is derived from Latin ensis and ferre, which mean ‘sword’ and ‘to carry’ respectively. This refers to the elongated rostrum of the species.


This species was originally known as C. ensifera var. ‘Blue Morphe‘. This is due to the fact Lake Poso is occupied by another similar species which has brown-red colouration on its body rather than red. This was believed to be an example of polymorphism, and that they were in fact the same species, just different morphs. It has since been discovered that they are distinct species. At the time, it was known as C. ensifera var. ‘Red Morphe’, and is now officially described as C. ensifera.


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