Taiwan Bees – Receding Carapaces

Today I found an image that is somewhat useful for pointing out a common problem with Wine Red / Red Ruby shrimp. The red shrimp at the centre of the photo has a very slim carapace. Compare this to the red shrimp on the left and it becomes clear.

I do not claim this image as my own.

Although this is not an extreme case, it is worrying that even professional breeders are accepting these deformities as part of the strain’s appearance.

The most common phenotype deformities of Taiwan Shadow Bees are ballooning of the carapace and receding of the carapace (such as here). There are more, which I will undoubtedly report upon later… Remember, these deformities often come hand in hand with a reduced lifespan. It is possible that these deformities cause the animals pain; however, I can not claim it does as it is not even known if shrimp have evolved to feel pain.


2 Responses to Taiwan Bees – Receding Carapaces

  1. imke says:

    Hi Jared, totally agree with you. The strange thing is that nobody seems to care in the current shrimp keeper community. Haven’t they seen the difference yet? I remember this one guy from Germany, even claimed having a commercial breeding room, saying his shrimp are totally okay *lol

    • Jared says:

      It’s the problem with the world today, just on a smaller scale; the most selfish individuals profit the most. We need solid laws to prevent such selfish cruelty from occurring.

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