Orange Tylos

I have written up information about one of my favourite snail species, the Orange Tylo snail!

An 8 month-old Orange Tylo snail


Orange Rock snail

Scientific name:

Tylomelania sp.


100 mm

Water parameter tolerance:

pH 7,5 – 8,5

KH 3 – 10

dGH 3 – 10

TDS 150 – 500ppm

25 – 31 ºC

My water parameters:

pH 7,5

KH 3

dGH 7

TDS 220 ppm

29 ºC


The Orange Tylo can differ significantly in appearance. Its shell is usually dark brown, though can be deep red or yellow. Its body ranges from yellow to luminous orange, making this species a stunning animal.

Generally this species is quite hardy, although hardiness seems to vary from individual to individual. Captive bred individuals tend to be forgiving and more active than wild caught individuals, especially when in the same parameters as they were born in. It may be wise to spend a little more on these captive bred animals.


The Orange Tylo hails mainly from Lake Poso in Sulawesi, Indonesia. It can also be found downstream in the surrounding river systems.


Visual differences are not apparent.


The Orange Tylo is viviparous (live-bearing). About every two months, a female adult gives birth to a single snail encased in a milky-white cyst. This cyst is eaten by the mother snail and the baby snail within it, as well as other snails that come across it; releasing the newborn snail.

This species matures very slowly. It has taken about 8-9 months for my tank bred Orange Tylos to attain a size of about 3.5cm. This is why these snails fetch high prices.


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