Acclimatising and introducing Cardinal shrimp

Update: Text added.

I decided to acclimatise the shrimp into a small (16L) aquarium rather than their future aquarium. This set-up is simply a 40x20x20cm aquarium, a small heater, a small lamp, rocks and a black background. The rocks provide shelter for the delicate shrimp!

Different angle.

I used the bottom half of a large water bottle as a vessel to acclimatise the shrimp in.

I firsly acclimatised just half of the shrimp. This ensured I had a backup!

To begin the process, I added a length of tubing to the aquarium with a valve on the other end.

I placed the valve into the acclimatisation tub and adjusted the flow to about 10 drops a minute. The acclimatisation tub had to be lower to maintain the flow of water through the tubing by gravity.

Before I began the process, I tested the pH and TDS of the water in my acclimatisation aquarium from my existing Sulawesi aquarium and the water the shrimp arrived in. This allowed me to judge how much of a change the acclimatisation would be.

This is the first shrimp I added to the aquarium. It is a good idea to add one animal first and see how it reacts.

Gradually I began to add more shrimp.

And more.

And more.

And more...


An unexpected arrival! A microcrab has stowed away with my Cardinals! Haha.

Hello microcrab!

After the shrimp had grown used to the new water parameters for a few hours, I removed the rocks in preparation to add them to their new aquarium.

I netted them back into their tub.

Not the tub again!

I floated them in the aquarium, adding cups of water.

Floating in their new home 🙂

Soon I released the traumatised animals.



2 Responses to Acclimatising and introducing Cardinal shrimp

  1. Donny says:

    Hi Jared,

    I was wondering what your water parameters are for your Cardinals? My pH is 7.8, GH is 10 and TDS is 68 (which I think is really low). I was wondering if I should up the TDS or just keep it the same. I will be getting some new Cardinals next week.


    • Jared says:

      Hi Donny,

      My parameters are:
      pH 7,5
      KH 3
      GH 7
      TDS 250ppm

      I am struggling with this batch of Cardinals, I have sustained many losses! They arrived with many injuries, so I am trying to keep the few survivors alive.

      I have bred Cardinals before successfully in the following parameters also:
      pH 8
      KH 7
      GH 12
      TDS 450ppm
      However, these are less desirable.

      I would aim to raise the TDS to at least 100ppm to be safe. I personally aim for around 200ppm, but this can fluctuate with evaporation, etcetera.

      Good luck with your Cardinals, please keep me updated on them! I am very interested. 🙂


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