Hannover shrimp championships support crippled shrimp?

I feel obliged to underline this problem – Taiwan Bee populations are producing malformed shrimp. These individuals have dramatically shortened lives. We do not know whether shrimp feel pain, but it is most definitely not worth the risk. Besides, I feel it is immoral to produce shrimp which are too inbred to survive, regardless of whether they feel pain or not. Below are examples of these deformities. The Blue Bolt shrimp has an abnormally large carapace (head), and I believe died shortly after this photograph was taken. The Red Ruby shrimp has an abnormally slim carapace.

The results of the recent Hannover shrimp championships have shocked me. This is because one of the winning shrimp specimens showed obvious deformities. Why on Earth would hobbyists support such deformities? Could this be inexperience on the judges’ part, or simply ignorance? Surely they can not support shrimp deformities? I am shocked.

This is the shrimp on topic. It shows an obvious balloon-head. Why would a contestant submit this shrimp in the first place?

This problem must be addressed to prevent the hobby being tainted with bad genetics. Taiwan populations must be crossed-back with Red Bees and Black Bees until these strains produce healthy shrimp. This is the height of irresponsibility in the hobby.

To avoid copyrite infringement, these photographs are linked directly from their source. I do not claim any photographs as mine.


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