40cm cube aquarium… Lake Poso?

Planning my 40cm cube aquarium, I’m leaning towards a Lake Poso biotope! First, water parameters and how to reach them!

pH  7,5 – 8
KH 3 – 4
GH 6 – 7
TDS 200 ppm

Just keep adding my mineral salts to RO water until a TDS value of 200 is reached.

I’ve been advised to use these water parameters when breeding Blue Poso shrimp [Caridina caerulea]. I will keep these with the orange rock snail from the same lake [Tylomelania sp].

If I wish to keep with the Lake Poso theme, I will probably import some of this shrimp:

This is the White Orchid shrimp [Caridina sp]. On the right substrate it looks stunning!


One Response to 40cm cube aquarium… Lake Poso?

  1. Tiago says:

    Just a question
    what is the expote that you buy the shrimps…
    I allready have denerli and glaubrechti, but I like to have some more species..


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