Manipulating Water Parameters

Using my new ‘gadgets’, I have been trying to replicate the Lake Matano water parameters.

Water Parameters

pH 8.6
KH 5
GH 7
191 – 227 µS” [122 – 146 ppm]

I filled a bucket with 10L of RO water with a TDS value of 12. After gradually adding mineral salts, I reached the TDS value 200 ppm. (approx. 1.115 tsp).

pH 7.5
KH 3
GH 5-6
TDS 200 ppm

The values were all too low except for TDS, which was too high… So I added more!

pH 7.5
KH 4
GH 7
TDS 250 ppm

  • The pH didn’t seem to shift past 7,5. Caridina dennerli is generally believed to adapt to this pH value well, so I may not have to increase it.
  • The KH value was just 1 out… However, considering the GH was correct, settling for this value would in my opinion be the best compromise.
  • GH was spot on.
  • TDS was too high.


It seems finding a TDS value of 250 ppm provides the best compromise water parameters for Lake Matano shrimp (at least that I can achieve so far).


One Response to Manipulating Water Parameters

  1. imke says:

    250 TDS is what I heard from a successful US breeder for new arrivals. He than also keeps them in higher TDS later, when they got acclimatized.

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