Lake Matano

In my dilemma of choosing my next new shrimp, I was compelled to further some research into Sulawesi shrimp and their natural habitats. Firstly, Lake Matano.

Lake Matano

Lake Matano is part of the Malili lake system on the island of Sulawesi (formerly Celebes), Indonesia. This lake is home to a number of shrimp species.

Shrimp Inhabitants

  • Cardinal shrimp [Caridina dennerli]

  • Tiger Matano shrimp [Caridina holthuisi]

  • [Caridina lanceolata]

  • Orange Delight shrimp [Caridina loehae]

Water Parameters

pH 8.6
KH 5
GH 7
TDS 191 – 227 [122 – 145 ppm]

Images of Lake Matano


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