Red Bee shrimp information

Adding information about Red Bee shrimp!

Synonyms: Crystal Red shrimp
Scientific name:
Caridina cantonensis
Water Parameters:

pH 5 – 7,5
KH 0 – 4
dGH 2 – 5
20-26 ºC


The Red Bee shrimp is a selectively bred variant of the Bee shrimp. A shrimp breeder in Japan called Hiyasayu Suzuki noticed that very rarely red offspring occurred amongst the usual black offspring of the Bee shrimp. He selectively bred these individuals to form a red strain of the Bee shrimp that bred true (all offspring were red) and registered the trademark ‘Crystal Red shrimp’.

These shrimp have undergone further artificial selection to give a greater proportion of white on the body and to intensify colouration. I personally only use the trademark ‘Crystal Red shrimp’ to refer to low grade Red Bee shrimp, as these are comparable to the shrimp Mr Suzuki bred himself. I feel the term ‘Red Bee’ should be used generally for the red form of the Bee shrimp.


One Response to Red Bee shrimp information

  1. Squidge says:

    Mmmm, homozygous shrimpies 😛

    I happen to be doing my genetics homework, so this had helped 😀
    kind of
    not really

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