The New Beginning

Hello, World! This blog is to record the development of my new aquaria specifically designed for the breeding of various Caridina shrimp. Up to date I have had many successes and failures, drawing as much experience and knowledge from them as possible. I now intend to set up a few aquaria to enhance successes, and to correct failures.

My projects planned so far are:

  1. Blue Bee shrimp breeding – 16L aquarium [40*20*20cm]. The small volume is a concern, but it should be interesting to try to maintain such a small aquarium.
  2. Red Bee shrimp breeding – 64L aquarium [40*40*40cm]. This aquarium has been set up and will be reported on soon.
  3. Blue Poso shrimp breeding – 64L aquarium [40*40*40cm]. Once I succeed with this shrimp, I intend to try Cardinal shrimp again (information on past experiences with Cardinals will be reported on also).

Time to get started!


One Response to The New Beginning

  1. imke says:

    Hi Jared, good to have this blog! Explaining all the water chemistry is very helpful to beginners and not often found. Good luck with your new tank set ups and go on posting 🙂

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